22. lokakuuta 2016

66th country: Albania

One of my first foreigner friends ever, Sander, is on exchange in Albania now. I think we have known each other for over 10 years now! :D I asked him to send me a postcard from there because it is quite "rare" country on postcrossing, there are only 11 postcrossers at the moment. And he sent me this card, I'm so happy about it. ^__^

The card arrived quite fast, in 5 days! We both expected it would be a bit slower... :)

15. lokakuuta 2016

Stamp Day 7th October

Post of Finland released "coat of arms" stamps on friday 7th October. I received 9 stamps from 7 municipalities. Surprisingly, the stamps I sent to myself that day, arrived slower than ones that were sent from other cities. :'D

Special thanks to my penpal Niina, she visited 3 cities that day buying and sending me those stamps! Her brother sent me one from Jyväskylä on his lunch break. Also my mom sent me one from Rovaniemi. ^_^

Here are the stamps with the special postmarks:

1. Kajaani

2. Kajaani, Karolineburg

3. Espoo

4. Jyväskylä

5. Vantaa (with Helsinki postmark)

6. Kirkkonummi (with Espoo postmark)

7. Helsinki

8. Rovaniemi

2. lokakuuta 2016

A thank you card from Germany

I received this card this week from Germany! A man from Germany wanted to thank me for sending him an aurora card on postcrossing.

I really like those swedish europa-stamps on it, and especially german stamps on the backside. All postmen, postcar and maibox related stamps are my favourites. ^_^

1. lokakuuta 2016

Received postcards (weeks 38 and 39)

I received these cards during last week and this week. I also received a very very special postcard a few days ago. A german man on postcrossing wanted to thank me for an aurora card i sent to him. :) I will post about it tomorrow in the morning. ^_^

RU-5014577 from Russia
Travel time: 20 days

CN-2033261 from China
Travel time: 28 days

Received cards of week 37 are HERE.