25. elokuuta 2016

The longest letter I've ever written!

Niina is one of my closest finnish penpals and we have been writing letters over three years now. We are talking on whatsapp and facebook almost daily. 

One evening we got a crazy idea, let's write extremely long letters to notebooks! But not like sending a notebook back and forth... I wrote a letter to a notebook which means 20 pages (written on both sides) long letter. :'D And wow, it was a huge work! 

I wrote that letter for two weeks, a couple of hours every morning and sometimes a few sentences before going to sleep at night. It was very hard to write the last pages so I asked my husband to write greetings to Niina and he did! Haha, so surprising... 

I was so excited to send the notebook to Niina quickly, so I totally forgot to take pictures of it! I had to ask Niina to take a few pics. :) 

How long is the longest letter you've ever written? :)

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