5. heinäkuuta 2016

My husband as a postcrosser

I asked my husband if he wants to try postcrossing and send a couple of cards one day... Surprisingly he said "sure, it would be fun!".

We requested two addresses for him. Of course the first one was to Russia and the other one was to Germany. :D

A russian girl really wished The little mermaid cards and Marilyn Monroe. Unfortunately we couldn't find any cards of them in Kajaani. Also owls were in her wishlist, so he chose this card for her. :)

This boat card is traveling to Germany, to a 79 years old man. The man wished cards of landscapes, nature and animals. Jari chose this card for him, because he likes boating and fishing too. :) 

2 kommenttia:

  1. Postcrossing is a family affair here too. My husband has no interest in it, but both of my sons are on Postcrossing.

    1. That's great! :) It's a perfect hobby for kids too, you learn so much new all the time. :)