29. heinäkuuta 2016

The first cards my husband received

Jari received his first cards via postcrossing! He was very happy about them all. ^_^ He is going to send more postcards soon. :)

From Russia
( Haha, when he received this, we didn't notice what's on the glasses! :'DD )

From Philippines

From Bulgaria
( I was a bit jealous when I saw this! I don't have a card from Bulgaria yet :D )

From USA

From Czech Republic

22. heinäkuuta 2016

6 x letters to Finland

I've been in writing mood this week! My husband started in a new job on Monday so I've spent the days alone at home again. I think I've written already 10 letters this week! Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the rest of them. :( 

I also found a couple of new penpals on finnish penpal sites, I'm so excited about it! ^_^  

18. heinäkuuta 2016

A surprise from Puolanka

A week ago I posted about the postcards I found from the second hand store. I was so happy to find a postcard of Puolanka, because it's very hard to find tourist cards from smaller places nowadays..

Later I got a comment that Puolanka wants to send me a surprise. Following day I received an envelope and it included 6 postcards and a letter! ^_^

Puolanka seems very interesting place! Hopefully we are able to go there to a geocaching trip soon. :)

13. heinäkuuta 2016

The cutest stamps ever!

I swapped postcards a few times with a girl from Japan and she always used very cute Sanrio-stamps. ^_^ She knew my favorite character is Pompompurin so there are many stamps of him.

Who is your favorite character? :)

8. heinäkuuta 2016

Second hand store haul

Today I was very lucky when I went to the second hand store in Kajaani. I found a boardgame for my friend for 5€ (in shops: 45€) and a little pack of old tourist postcards. I collect finnish touristcards and I got so many new cities to my collection, for example Haaparanta, Kemi, Puolanka and Kemijärvi. ^_^ The cards are from the 80's.

6. heinäkuuta 2016

FDC: Visiting card from Finland

One more first day cover to my collection! I bought it in Santa Claus Village's post office last week. I spent a week in Rovaniemi with my husband. We were geocaching a lot and met our friends. It was a great trip! :) I have many pictures of it in my camera, I'll post them here soon.

5. heinäkuuta 2016

My husband as a postcrosser

I asked my husband if he wants to try postcrossing and send a couple of cards one day... Surprisingly he said "sure, it would be fun!".

We requested two addresses for him. Of course the first one was to Russia and the other one was to Germany. :D

A russian girl really wished The little mermaid cards and Marilyn Monroe. Unfortunately we couldn't find any cards of them in Kajaani. Also owls were in her wishlist, so he chose this card for her. :)

This boat card is traveling to Germany, to a 79 years old man. The man wished cards of landscapes, nature and animals. Jari chose this card for him, because he likes boating and fishing too. :)