2. kesäkuuta 2016

Received postcards (week 21)

Mailbox, royals, Trabant and a rabbit what a great postcard week! I received so many nice postcards. ^_^ I'm happy I got my inspiration back and sent many cards.

DE-5263901 from Germany
Travel time: 3 days

AT-276055 from Austria
Travel time: 3 days

NL-3444116 from Netherlands
Travel time: 4 days

RUS-25986 from Russia
Travel time: 55 days

CZ-918960 from Czech Republic
Travel time: 4 days

GB-781171 from UK
Travel time: 2 days

DE-5261611 from Germany
Travel time: 4 days

NL-3442735 from Netherlands
Travel time: 3 days

You can find the postcards I received before my postcrossing break HERE

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