17. kesäkuuta 2016

Superman themed mail from Australia

Hello! I wanted to share you this letter I received on Wednesday. It's from Christine in Australia. I really love receiving this kind of creative letters. ^_^ I wish I had more inspiration to make so nice looking letters myself too.

If you know any inspiring snailmail art blogs (or maybe instagram profiles?), feel free to link them to the comment box. ^_^

11. kesäkuuta 2016

Received postcards (weeks 22 and 23)

SG-213644 from Singapore
Travel time: 8 days

NOR-291 from Norway
Travel time: 4 days

PL-1195829 from Poland
Travel time: 87 (!) days

BY-1907887 from Belarus
Travel time: 9 days

BR-395011 from Brazil
Travel time: 18 days

PL-1224859 from Poland
Travel time:6 days

RU-4739133 from Russia
Travel time: 17 days

KOR-1466 from South Korea
Travel time: 60 days

2. kesäkuuta 2016

Received postcards (week 21)

Mailbox, royals, Trabant and a rabbit what a great postcard week! I received so many nice postcards. ^_^ I'm happy I got my inspiration back and sent many cards.

DE-5263901 from Germany
Travel time: 3 days

AT-276055 from Austria
Travel time: 3 days

NL-3444116 from Netherlands
Travel time: 4 days

RUS-25986 from Russia
Travel time: 55 days

CZ-918960 from Czech Republic
Travel time: 4 days

GB-781171 from UK
Travel time: 2 days

DE-5261611 from Germany
Travel time: 4 days

NL-3442735 from Netherlands
Travel time: 3 days

You can find the postcards I received before my postcrossing break HERE