31. toukokuuta 2016

Hello Kitty themed mail

Here are a few outgoing hello kitty themed letters. ^_^ I bought those hello kitty letter papers a while ago but now decided to try them all. I had to take these pictures with my phone so the quality isn't great this time either. Sorry. :)

25. toukokuuta 2016

Santa Claus village and post office

I visited Santa Claus village twice during my trip in Rovaniemi. I was so happy to find those special Santa Claus - world stamps. ^_^ They look great!

I also bought a few postcards, a couple of key rings and a first day cover. I'm not sure yet if I'm going to keep the key rings or swap them with someone. :'D

Second time, I went there with my husband and we did some geocaching. We "found" our first webcam geocache ever. ^_^

20. toukokuuta 2016

Sanrio swap from Japan

I received these super cute postcards from @patty62703 in Japan. ^_^ They were sent on saturday and I received them already on wednesday. It was faster than ever before!

I'm sorry, the quality of these pictures isn't very good this time.

19. toukokuuta 2016

Outgoing postcards in May

Hello! ^_^

I met my new friend Laura on Tuesday and I told her about one of my hobbies, postcrossing. She loves writing and sending postcards so she got very excited! We requested 5 addresses for her and went postcard shopping right away. :)

I've been on a break from postcrossing for a while but Laura's excitement made me want to send a few cards too. ^_^ I got addresses to: Russia (2x), Ukraine, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Usa, Latvia, Germany and Netherlands. I forgot to take pictures of a few cards, because their receivers wanted their cards in envelopes.

14. toukokuuta 2016

Postcard haul

I've been working A LOT these months and now I am finally able to do something else than just work, eat and sleep. :'D We did many geocaching trips at the weekends and I spent last week in Rovaniemi. I'll try to post about those trips soon. Anyway, here is my postcard haul! ^_^

12. toukokuuta 2016

Birthday present from UK

It was my birthday in the beginning of April. I received so many nice birthday presents this year. ^_^ I'm usually the one who always forgets everyone's birthday so I was very surprised that people still sent me something. :'D I should start writing people's birthdays to my calendar again! I used to do so a few years ago.

Serena from UK sent me these five cards in April. ^_^ I had only two cards of royals before these.

1. toukokuuta 2016

The natural secrets of lapland

I've always wanted to try Davvi biocosmetics and last month I got a chance to start testing these. These past weeks I've also read news about bad chemicals in cheap make up so I wanted to see if biocosmetics are good for my very sensitive skin. Davvi means north in Sami language.

I received the parcel very quickly, the following day! It included Davvi Facial Cream and Davvi Eye Serum. My first thought was that it really smells like forests in lapland. I love it :). I've been using Davvi products for 7 weeks and I'm totally satisfied.

My skin is very, very dry in winter so it is hard to find a good facial cream. The skin on my forehead starts to peel off when I use make up and looks quite bad. It really helps when I put some Davvi facial cream under make up!

When I was younger, I didn't care if the product was tested on animals or what it included. Davvi is not tested on animals and its raw materials are 100% natural. ^_^ The active substances are for example meadowsweet extract and oat oil.

There are many pharmacies and hotels selling Davvi products in Finland. There is also Davvi's online shop which delivers abroad too. :) I'm definitely going to buy more of these!