27. helmikuuta 2016


Finally I am able to post these letters! Most of them were written a couple of months ago... I haven't written many letters recently. I have 6 letters waiting for a reply at the moment so new letters post will come soon. :)

Letter to Jonna-Maria in Finland

Letters to Heidi in Denmark

Letters to Niina in Finland
( I try to use all letter papers that I have only one left. I ordered some new letter sets!)

To Christie in Hong Kong

To Eveliina in Finland

To Barbara in Germany

2 kommenttia:

  1. IHANA tuo viimeisen kuvan kirjesetti! Sentimental Circus? :D

    1. Joo just se. :D Mun oma lemppari nuista on tuo toiseksi viimeisimmän kuvan setti. Tosi söpöjä otuksia. ^_^