29. helmikuuta 2016

Moomin postcard giveaway! - CLOSED -

This giveaway is closed, sorry!


1) Follow my blog on Blogger (public), on Facebook or on Bloglovin'.

2) Tell me which way you have chosen to follow my blog in your comment.

3) Write your e-mail address too so that I am able to contact you if you win. ^_^

4) The chances of you winning the prize increases if you follow my blog in more than one way.

5) This competition is open to everyone from any country.

6) The winner is chosen on 7th March, 2016.

27. helmikuuta 2016


Finally I am able to post these letters! Most of them were written a couple of months ago... I haven't written many letters recently. I have 6 letters waiting for a reply at the moment so new letters post will come soon. :)

Letter to Jonna-Maria in Finland

Letters to Heidi in Denmark

Letters to Niina in Finland
( I try to use all letter papers that I have only one left. I ordered some new letter sets!)

To Christie in Hong Kong

To Eveliina in Finland

To Barbara in Germany

26. helmikuuta 2016

Received postcards (week 8) and the stamps

IG-swap from Malaysia

IDN-3061 from Indonesia
Travel time: 21 days

USA-5906 from USA
Travel time: 19 days

From Lily in Finland

22. helmikuuta 2016

3rd Wedding Anniversary

3 years ago on 22nd February we got married. I decided to take my husband's family name because I liked it more than my own old one. The party was very small, we invited just the closest relatives and our best friends.

My wedding ring (the bigger one) is 102 years old this year. The first owner was sister of my mom's grandmother.

We celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary today. We went to a nice restaurant for lunch and then did some shopping in the city.

It is our tradition to take a picture of us with our wedding picture every year on 22nd February. Here is the picture of 2016. ^_^

21. helmikuuta 2016

65th country: Peru

New country to my postcard collection again - it is Peru! :) IG-swap from @snailymail.

20. helmikuuta 2016

14th February

I received these 5 lovely valentine's day cards last week. In Finland that day is a day for friends. ^_^ Sadly I didn't send any cards this year... I got sick over a week before the day and couldn't go postcard shopping. Maybe next year! ^^

19. helmikuuta 2016

Received postcards (weeks 6 and 7)

IG-swap from @e_evelyn11

IG-swap from @hagimomiao

IG-swap from @patty62703

RUS-16904 from Russia
Travel time: 42 days

PHL-453 from The Philippines
Travel time: 20 days

HKG-2502 from Hong Kong
Travel time: 24 days

RUS-19761 from Russia
Travel time: 16 days

TWN-1378 from Taiwan
Travel time: 17 days

RUS-20002 from Russia
Travel time: 10 days

9. helmikuuta 2016

Received postcards (weeks 4 and 5)

RU-4330343 from Russia
Travel time: 21 days

RUS-18722 from Russia
Travel time:15 days

CZE-4560 from Czech Republic
Travel time:8 days

DE-4316223 from Germany
Travel time: 221 days (!). I'm wondering what happened to the card:D

IG-swap from Japan

IG-swap from Japan

RU-4344088 from Russia
Travel time: 16 days

HKG-2424 from Hong Kong
Travel time:16 days