23. tammikuuta 2016

Parcel to UK!

We arranged a swap with Serena in UK. We had a deal that we can also put little things in little bags - no need to buy whole packages of everything. We put things that we like very much or that are made in our countries. I haven't ever swapped parcels with anyone, because it is so expensive to send one abroad. Sending this parcel cost 13€ and the weight was a bit less than 500g.

The parcel included:

- Fazer Blueberry yoghurt crisps in milk chocolate
- Budapest (my favourite chocolate in christmas!)

- I wanted to send those "puuha pete" sweets on the left, but there was too much weight in the parcel so I had to take it away. Maybe I will send them to her with the next letter...
- Fazer moomin fruit sweets

- My favourite breakfast: raspberry porridge
- heart shaped gingerbread

- Fazer dark chocolate
- Fazer JIM chocolate

- Fazer chili and crisp chocolate
- Fazer milk chocolate
- Fazer Suffeli chocolate

- Fazer Pätkis mint chocolate
- Crisp Bread
- Fazer Moomin biscuits

We wanted to make the swap more special so we wrapped all the things, like a second christmas! ;)

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