26. tammikuuta 2016

Parcel from UK

I posted about the parcel I sent to Serena in UK earlier HERE. I received my parcel on friday and here's what I got from her:

25. tammikuuta 2016

Received postcards (week 3)

LT-485609 from Lithuania
Travel time: 15 days

From my penpal in Denmark

BLR-889 from Belarus
Travel time: 13 days

From Lily in Finland

NZ-137832 from New Zealand
Travel time: 17 days

IG-swap from @_850627 in Singapore

IG-swap from @nellyzhou in China

FRA-1434 from France (sent from USA)
Travel time: 12 days

DEU-2963 from Germany
Travel time: 4 days

US-3792568 from USA
Travel time: 10 days

ES-390171 from Spain
Travel time: 15 days

CZ-793781 from Czech Republic
Travel time: 10 days

NLD-1907 from Netherlands
Travel time: 13 days

POL-6224 from Poland
Travel time: 10 days

Received cards of weeks 1 and 2 are HERE and HERE

23. tammikuuta 2016

Parcel to UK!

We arranged a swap with Serena in UK. We had a deal that we can also put little things in little bags - no need to buy whole packages of everything. We put things that we like very much or that are made in our countries. I haven't ever swapped parcels with anyone, because it is so expensive to send one abroad. Sending this parcel cost 13€ and the weight was a bit less than 500g.

The parcel included:

- Fazer Blueberry yoghurt crisps in milk chocolate
- Budapest (my favourite chocolate in christmas!)

- I wanted to send those "puuha pete" sweets on the left, but there was too much weight in the parcel so I had to take it away. Maybe I will send them to her with the next letter...
- Fazer moomin fruit sweets

- My favourite breakfast: raspberry porridge
- heart shaped gingerbread

- Fazer dark chocolate
- Fazer JIM chocolate

- Fazer chili and crisp chocolate
- Fazer milk chocolate
- Fazer Suffeli chocolate

- Fazer Pätkis mint chocolate
- Crisp Bread
- Fazer Moomin biscuits

We wanted to make the swap more special so we wrapped all the things, like a second christmas! ;)

17. tammikuuta 2016

Received cards (weeks 1 and 2)

From my mom

BR-373579 from Brazil
Travel time: 60 days

PL-1167468 from Poland
Travel time: 3 days

POL-6162 from Poland
Travel time: 8 days

CHN-1529 from China
Travel time: 14 days (!)

US-3783183 from USA
Travel time: 10 days

Instagram swap from Japan
Promotional hello kitty cards and u-sa-ha-na

Instagram swap from Hong Kong

I also received very cute animal cards this week! They are HERE

16. tammikuuta 2016

Animal cards from Postcrossing (week 2)

Hello! Now I started to receive postcards again after a long break. It's so funny, these all cards traveled for 7 days. :D They are so cute. ^_^

This time I wanted to show you the stamps too.. I love especially the car ones!

CA-594477 from Canada
Travel time: 7 days

DE-4868751 from Germany
Travel time: 7 days

Direct Swap via Postcrossing
From Estonia

DE-4868756 from Germany
Travel time: 7 days

AT-255554 from Austria
Travel time: 7 days

7. tammikuuta 2016

Outgoing postcards in January

Hello! Here are a few postcards I've sent these days. I didn't send cards really in november and december because of the strikes, so I haven't received cards now. Just one or two. 

Hopefully I start receiving more soon when these are registered. ^_^ I requested 14 addresses on postcrossing and 9 on postcard united in two weeks.

To France

To Italy

To Germany

To Austria

To Ukraine

To Malaysia


To Japan and Russia

To Taiwan