21. marraskuuta 2016

Giveaway on Facebook!

There is a little giveaway on my blog's Facebook page. :)

- Like THIS post on Facebook and you can win these two cards. 

- I'll pick a winner with a random generator on November 28th

- Available worldwide!

20. marraskuuta 2016

80 pages long letter!

In august, I posted about the longest letter I've ever written (HERE). It was 40 pages long letter in a notebook (20 pages written on both sides). I received Niina's reply to that letter and it was 80 pages long!! O_O

I really enjoyed reading it! I love long letters so much... Now I'm writing her a reply, but I'm quite sure that I can't write as much as she did. But I started writing to a notebook again - I think it is impossible to reply just a few pages this time... :'D

I met Niina for the first time ever in Kuopio yesterday. And she told me she is going to write 3 notebooks next time..... XD

12. marraskuuta 2016

Received postcards (week 45)

AT-301107 from Austria
Travel time: 7 days

ES-437455 from Spain
Travel time: 8 days

DEU-10204 from Germany
Travel time: 5 days

11. marraskuuta 2016

Christmas First Day Covers

Today I took a bus to the city planning to buy 0,10€ stamps for postcards. Then I found these first day covers! It was surprising, because I haven't seen any FDC's in Kajaani before. I always buy first day covers in Santa Claus post office in Rovaniemi.

Christmas stamps are so beautiful this year. ^_^ Especially the reindeer one!

7. marraskuuta 2016

2 x touristcards from Finland

I haven't posted here for over two weeks now... I've been very busy and I haven't received many postcards during that time. My husband started in a new job a week ago and it has taken time to get used to the new working hours, evening/night shifts..

Anyway, I received these cards from my friends! Konnevesi card from Niina and Kittilä from Laura. ^_^ I'm very grateful that they look for city cards for me on their trips.

These pictures aren't great - I had to take them with my phone in a bad light.

22. lokakuuta 2016

66th country: Albania

One of my first foreigner friends ever, Sander, is on exchange in Albania now. I think we have known each other for over 10 years now! :D I asked him to send me a postcard from there because it is quite "rare" country on postcrossing, there are only 11 postcrossers at the moment. And he sent me this card, I'm so happy about it. ^__^

The card arrived quite fast, in 5 days! We both expected it would be a bit slower... :)

15. lokakuuta 2016

Stamp Day 7th October

Post of Finland released "coat of arms" stamps on friday 7th October. I received 9 stamps from 7 municipalities. Surprisingly, the stamps I sent to myself that day, arrived slower than ones that were sent from other cities. :'D

Special thanks to my penpal Niina, she visited 3 cities that day buying and sending me those stamps! Her brother sent me one from Jyväskylä on his lunch break. Also my mom sent me one from Rovaniemi. ^_^

Here are the stamps with the special postmarks:

1. Kajaani

2. Kajaani, Karolineburg

3. Espoo

4. Jyväskylä

5. Vantaa (with Helsinki postmark)

6. Kirkkonummi (with Espoo postmark)

7. Helsinki

8. Rovaniemi

2. lokakuuta 2016

A thank you card from Germany

I received this card this week from Germany! A man from Germany wanted to thank me for sending him an aurora card on postcrossing.

I really like those swedish europa-stamps on it, and especially german stamps on the backside. All postmen, postcar and maibox related stamps are my favourites. ^_^

1. lokakuuta 2016

Received postcards (weeks 38 and 39)

I received these cards during last week and this week. I also received a very very special postcard a few days ago. A german man on postcrossing wanted to thank me for an aurora card i sent to him. :) I will post about it tomorrow in the morning. ^_^

RU-5014577 from Russia
Travel time: 20 days

CN-2033261 from China
Travel time: 28 days

Received cards of week 37 are HERE.

26. syyskuuta 2016

16. syyskuuta 2016

Received postcards (week 37)

I received three cards this week! ^^ I also wanted to show you the stamps from Taiwan and Switzerland, they are just great. :)

TW-2045373 from Taiwan
Travel time: 11 days

CH-308853 from Switzerland
Travel time: 11 days

US-4219108 from USA
Travel time: 14 days

Received cards of week 36 are HERE

9. syyskuuta 2016

Received postcards (week 36)

I received these nice cards this week! They are from Russia, Swizerland and Germany. :)

RU-5005036 from Russia
Travel time: 7 days

CH-308563 from Swizerland
Travel time: 5 days

DE-5539896 from Germany
Travel time: 4 days

Received cards of weeks 31 and 32 are HERE.

30. elokuuta 2016

Outgoing cards on 30th August

Hello! ^_^ Yesterday I realised that I posted outgoing postcards last time in May... Over three months ago! I had a little break on writing postcards (again!) in summer.. I don't know why, it just happened. :)

I requested 6 addresses and the postcards will go to: Finland, Lithuania, Turkey, USA, UK and The Netherlands. Not so many usual countries this time.

25. elokuuta 2016

The longest letter I've ever written!

Niina is one of my closest finnish penpals and we have been writing letters over three years now. We are talking on whatsapp and facebook almost daily. 

One evening we got a crazy idea, let's write extremely long letters to notebooks! But not like sending a notebook back and forth... I wrote a letter to a notebook which means 20 pages (written on both sides) long letter. :'D And wow, it was a huge work! 

I wrote that letter for two weeks, a couple of hours every morning and sometimes a few sentences before going to sleep at night. It was very hard to write the last pages so I asked my husband to write greetings to Niina and he did! Haha, so surprising... 

I was so excited to send the notebook to Niina quickly, so I totally forgot to take pictures of it! I had to ask Niina to take a few pics. :) 

How long is the longest letter you've ever written? :)

24. elokuuta 2016

A week in Rovaniemi

I promised to write this post almost two months ago, but I totally forgot it. We spent a week in Rovaniemi in the beginning of July. My parents were in their summer cottage that time so we could stay in their home. ^^ Here are a few pictures from our trip!

Our geocaching map of Finland looks like this after that week!