23. joulukuuta 2015

Christmas cards + 3 others

I received so many lovely Christmas cards this year! Sadly I didn't send any this year. O_O I totally missed the dates when the cards should have been sent. My friend was here for two days and right after that my mom came here for five days. I bought gifts for my parents, my husband and one good friend anyway. :)

Christmas card from Evelyn in Australia (@e_evelyn11)

Christmas card (swap) from Lillian in Taiwan (@happymonemone)

Christmas card from Soili in Finland
(Very cute one! ^^ )

Christmas card from my parents 

Christmas card from Jari's relatives in Finland

Christmas card from Annastiina in Finland

Christmas card from Annika in Finland
(The rabbit is so cute! ^^ <3)

Jyväskylä and Porvoo cards from Niina in Finland

DEU-2505 from Germany
Travel time: 26 days

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  1. Ihania noi kakkupaperi- ja nappikortit! :)

    1. Niin on! :) osaispa itekki tehä niin kivoja kortteja. :D