28. marraskuuta 2015

Cute animal cards!

CHN-993 from China
Travel time: 36 days

DE-4719487 from Germany
Travel time: 9 days

NL-3225904 from Netherlands
Travel time: 9 days

BE-405505 from Belgium
Travel time: 9 days

CAN-262 From Canada
Travel time: 12 days

Other received cards of these weeks (47 & 48) are HERE.

27. marraskuuta 2015

Received postcards (weeks 47 and 48)

RUS-13332 from Russia
Travel time: 11 days

NL-3225902 from Netherlands
Travel time: 4 days

Direct swap from Ruth in Mexico

MYS-3147 from Malaysia
Travel time: 57 days

RUS-11933 from Russia
Travel time: 25 days

MYS-3834 from Malaysia
Travel time: 21 days

IG-swap from @jasminemingcm

20. marraskuuta 2015

Stamps from Venezuela, Guinea, Guine Bissau....

I received an envelope today via Postcard United... And it included a huge amount of stamps and a postcard!  I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw them : Venezuela, Mongolia, Guine Bissau, Guinea and so many more. It was so kind of her to send me so many. I don't even have postcards from those countries!

I will post the other stamps later. ^_^






19. marraskuuta 2015

Hello Kitty stamps from Japan!

I was looking for some Hello kitty stamps on Instagram and one chinese girl contacted me and offered me a huge amount of japanese stamps, including Hello kitty, other Sanrio and Disney characters. Those stamps arrived last week and here are hello kitty ones. ^_^ Especially I love those heart shaped stamps...

18. marraskuuta 2015

Received postcards (weeks 45 & 46)

ESP-295 from Spain
Travel time: 10 days

RU-4055618 from Russia
Travel time: 44 days

USA-4355 from USA
Travel time: 10 days

POL-4809 from Poland
Travel time: 12 days

Surprise card from my dad ^^

IG-swap from China

MYS-3311 from Malaysia
Travel time: 34 days

CZE-3925 from Czech Republic
Travel time: 19 days

CZE-4004 from Czech Republic
Travel time: 7 days

RUS-10402 from Russia
Travel time: 30 days

RUS-12144 from Russia
Travel time:15 days

IG-swap from Germany

NLD-1204 from Netherlands
Travel time: 3 days

GBR-521 from UK
Travel time: 4 days

Received postcards of week 43 are HERE.

15. marraskuuta 2015

It is snowing!

It has snowed in Rovaniemi (330 km to north from Kajaani) already for a long time, but now finally here too. I'm so happy about it. ^^ At the moment it is -1C cold and it will stay the same next week...

What's the weather like in your place now? :)

11. marraskuuta 2015


Many of you wanted me to post more about my life so I decided to take some pictures these weeks. I wish I had more pictures.. I always forget to take them! 

Went for a walk in the morning...

Coloured the book I bought... 

I love blueberry-raspberry muffins! ^^

Wrote a few letters...
There are still many letters waiting for the reply :S

Ate in a pizzeria for a change...
I always take salami-mushroom-pineapple ^_^

And then tried to eat healthier...
I love blueberry-raspberry porridge! ^_^

Studied for an univeristy course

9. marraskuuta 2015

61st country to my postcard collection!

It is Brazil! I've been trying to find a swap from Brazil for a long time, It surprised me how hard it was, because there are quite many postcrossers in Brazil (almost 8000!). But now I have one! I received this card on wednesday via Postcard United. ^^ 

And here are the stamps. :)

1. marraskuuta 2015

Received postcards (week 44)

RUS-10908 from Russia
Travel time: 17 days

POL-4507 from Poland
Travel time: 15 days

FIN-372 from Finland
Travel time: 4 days

MAC-137 from Macau
Travel time: 142 (!) days

IDN-1636 from Indonesia
Travel time: 24 days

RU-4055623 from Russia
Travel time: 32 days

PT-436767 from Portugal
Travel time: 31 days

IG-swap from @zhouxyu7 from Taiwan

Facebook-swap from Slovakia

You can find received cards of week 43 HERE.