28. lokakuuta 2015

Received postcards (week 43)

Hello! This post is coming a bit late... I was very busy last week, because it was my husband's holiday week. We also had our anniversary, we've been together for 7 years now. :) 

I received three new countries to my collection: Malta, Slovakia and Swizerland. I'm so happy!

Surprise card from my mom ^^

RUS-10082 from Russia
Travel time: 22 days

LUX-423 from Luxembourg
Travel time: 4 days

NLD -753 from Netherlands
Travel time: 4 days

Facebook swap from Vanessa in Swizerland
My first card from Swizerland ^_^

RUS-10654 from Russia
Travel time: 13 days

Facebook swap from Marco in Malta
My first card from Malta ^^

Facebook swap from Adriana in Slovakia
My first card from Slovakia ^^

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