15. lokakuuta 2015

Postcrossing: how did it all start?

How did my postcrossing hobby start? Here are some facts about it. :)

My first sent postcard went to Russia (surprise)! And it travelled 135 days. I sent it on13th November 2013 and it was received 28th March 2014. When I first requested the addresses, I didn't really have any postcards at home. :D So after requesting I had to do some postcard shopping. Other 4 cards went to Netherlands, Ukraine, Germany and USA. I was so excited (but also nervous) to send these first cards. I didn't get any "thank you" -messages after the first cards were received, because I had a problem with my e-mail. :S I couldn't get any e-mails for a while. 

My first received postcard was from Leipzig in Germany and it travelled for 4 days to Finland. It was sent on 25th November 2013 and received on 29th November 2013. I wrote on my profile only that I would like to get pictures of your city (because my friend did so XD), but later I started to make a better wishlist which changes all the time. 

Today I've been a member for 701 days! I enjoy postcrossing, postcard united and other kinds of postcard swaps very much. My friend told me about postcrossing, but I wasn't very interested in it right away. I told her that I preferred letters, and thought postcards were so boring. :'D But here I am! Totally addicted, sent and received hundreds of cards..

How did you find postcrossing? When did you start? Or still planning to start? :) Let me know! 

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