2. lokakuuta 2015

My Favourite Stamps : other countries

I was counting and taking pictures of my postcards one day and decided to show you the ones I like very much. :) Which one is your favourite? ^^

1. China

2. China

3. Greece

4. Russia, Postcrossing

5. Norway

6. Russia

7. Russia

8. Sweden

9. Taiwan

10. Korea

My favourite stamps from Finland are HERE.

5 kommenttia:

  1. Hey Miia, I found your blog link on Postcrossing and I love your blog here! All these stamps are so beautiful! :)

    1. Hello, and welcome! ^^ I hope you like reading my blog. :) I also started to follow yours, it looks very nice. :)

    2. Thank you Miia for taking time to stop by my Blog. And thank you for your kind comment :) what a creative idea to use Moomin layout for your Postcards!! its a real nice blog :)

  2. Onpa söpö tuo korealainen lammas!

    1. Niinpä, ja nuo söpöt kirjekuoret, joita se mukanaan kantaa. ^_^