31. lokakuuta 2015

Loveliest thank you messages

I've seen people posting the best thank you messages on IG.. Here are some of the loveliest messages I've got on postcrossing and postcard united. ^^ I wasn't sure if it is ok to show them to all, so I hid the countries, names and nicknames.

Maybe these are also helpful and inspiring for beginners! For me, it was very hard to know what to write in the beginning, because I didn't see what others wrote to me (my email didn't work well! :S ). I think I still should focus on thank you - messages more... Very nice thank you - messages always make my day. :)

29. lokakuuta 2015

60th country to my postcard collection!

A postcard from my penpal, Katharina, who visited Tanzania! I don't have many postcards from africa so this card made me very happy. :) It is so nice of her to send me cards from her journeys! There are only 15 members from Tanzania on postcrossing... 

28. lokakuuta 2015

Received postcards (week 43)

Hello! This post is coming a bit late... I was very busy last week, because it was my husband's holiday week. We also had our anniversary, we've been together for 7 years now. :) 

I received three new countries to my collection: Malta, Slovakia and Swizerland. I'm so happy!

Surprise card from my mom ^^

RUS-10082 from Russia
Travel time: 22 days

LUX-423 from Luxembourg
Travel time: 4 days

NLD -753 from Netherlands
Travel time: 4 days

Facebook swap from Vanessa in Swizerland
My first card from Swizerland ^_^

RUS-10654 from Russia
Travel time: 13 days

Facebook swap from Marco in Malta
My first card from Malta ^^

Facebook swap from Adriana in Slovakia
My first card from Slovakia ^^

27. lokakuuta 2015

New look and name + results of the poll

I made a poll and posted it on the facebook page of my blog. There was a question about the content of this blog and I am happy to see how many answers I've already got! The poll is HERE if you still want to tell me know your opinion. :)

The question was: what would you like to see more on my blog? 80% chose "my life" so I'm going to post about my life more often! ^^ I also changed the name of the blog, because it has not been only about postcrossing anymore. 

The new banner! My very good friend, Ada, made it for my blog and it is also a part of our art project. I will tell more about it later. :)

Have a nice day! ^^

19. lokakuuta 2015

Received cards (week 42)

ROU-498 from Romania
Travel time: 17 days

RU-4055642 from Russia
Travel time: 18 days

TUN-794 from Tunisia
Travel time: 51 days

IDN-1566 from Indonesia
Travel time: 17 days

RUS-9247 from Russia
Travel time: 34 days

Facebook swap from Hungary

From penpal Serena in UK

Thank you-card from Korea

IG-swap from Cambodia

GGY-219 from Guernsey
Travel time: 6 days

CZE-3830 from Czech Republic
Travel time: 9 days

From Lily in Finland
New card to my "finnish tourist cards" collection. ^_^

15. lokakuuta 2015

Received cards (week 41)

JP-732779 from Japan
Travel time: 11 days

LT-467373 from Lithuania
Travel time: 11 days

MY-280338 from Malaysia
Travel time: 36 days

MYS-2988 from Malaysia
Travel time: 26 days

USA-3533 from USA
Travel time: 8 days

RUS-8718 from Russia
Travel time: 35 days

You can find received cards of week 40 HERE.

Postcrossing: how did it all start?

How did my postcrossing hobby start? Here are some facts about it. :)

My first sent postcard went to Russia (surprise)! And it travelled 135 days. I sent it on13th November 2013 and it was received 28th March 2014. When I first requested the addresses, I didn't really have any postcards at home. :D So after requesting I had to do some postcard shopping. Other 4 cards went to Netherlands, Ukraine, Germany and USA. I was so excited (but also nervous) to send these first cards. I didn't get any "thank you" -messages after the first cards were received, because I had a problem with my e-mail. :S I couldn't get any e-mails for a while. 

My first received postcard was from Leipzig in Germany and it travelled for 4 days to Finland. It was sent on 25th November 2013 and received on 29th November 2013. I wrote on my profile only that I would like to get pictures of your city (because my friend did so XD), but later I started to make a better wishlist which changes all the time. 

Today I've been a member for 701 days! I enjoy postcrossing, postcard united and other kinds of postcard swaps very much. My friend told me about postcrossing, but I wasn't very interested in it right away. I told her that I preferred letters, and thought postcards were so boring. :'D But here I am! Totally addicted, sent and received hundreds of cards..

How did you find postcrossing? When did you start? Or still planning to start? :) Let me know! 

14. lokakuuta 2015

Stamps from UK!

I saw these stamps on instagram a few weeks ago and totally loved them! Serena told me they don't sell these in post offices anymore, because these are already a few years old stamps. Anyway she promised to try to get them for me... And here they are! ^_^

Is there anyone else who loves royal postcards and stamps too? :) I have only 1 maxicard and this sheet. It would be so great to receive cards of royals from Sweden too! ^_^

10. lokakuuta 2015

Letter from India

I received a little parcel from India on friday, thank you very much Sneha! ^^ I love receiving this kind of things with letters - they are so interesting! The magnet is very cute too. :)

7. lokakuuta 2015

Japanese Moomin stamps


I received these japanese Moomin stamps yesterday, they all are so cute! I like those stamps more than the finnish ones, I dont know why. :D My favourite one is the pink Moominmamma and the pink Snork Maiden (not in the pictures).Which is your favourite? :)

6. lokakuuta 2015

7 outgoing postcards

Here are the cards I sent yesterday. ^^ 4 are for Postcrossing and 3 are for Postcard United. I hope these reach their destinations soon. :) 

To Germany

To Finland
Do you think it is very hard to find a good card for a person from the same country than yours? There aren't so many special cards in Kajaani, I think the same cards are sold everywhere in Finland. This kind of card wasn't on her wishlist, but I think it's better than a card that she could buy in her city too.

To Russia

To Romania

To Bahamas

To Russia
She asked for cards of bottles in her profile and I was so happy to send a card of a special wish! 

To Poland

Stamps I used. ^^