11. syyskuuta 2015

Incoming postcards (week 37)

I've received many cards via Postcard United during this week. Many more than usually. :)

Today I tried to request new addresses on Postcard United, but got a message: "currently no user available to send a postcard. So please try after some hours". :'D I think new users are needed there, so sign up now! ^^ I've received so many cards from my missing countries there. I have sent a postcard to Bahamas, Guernsey and Guyana on Postcard United these weeks.

HRV-84 from Croatia
Travel time: 24 days

BHS-369 from The Bahamas
Travel time: 16 days

USA-2872 from United States
Travel time: 14 days

BEL-256 from Belgium
Travel time: 5 days

CZE-3372 from Czech Republic
Travel time:26 days

DE-4506287 from Germany
Travel time: 6 days

RUS-8322 from Russia
Travel time: 17 days

You can find received cards of weeks 35 and 36 HERE.

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