6. syyskuuta 2015

Incoming cards (weeks 35 and 36)

Hello! Now I am posting my incoming letters a bit later than usually. I spent this week in Rovaniemi! It was so nice to see my parents and friends again.:) I did a lot of shopping too, I will tell more about it in the next post. ^^ Have a nice day!

NL-3131860 from the Netherlands
Travel time: 4 days

FI-2491560 from Finland
Travel time: 4 days

From Cecilia in Argentina
Direct swap via Postcrossing.com

FI-2491290 from Finland
Travel time: 1 day

EGY-16 from Egypt
Travel time: 10 days

ITA-174 from Italy
Travel time: 11 days

You can find received cards of week 34 HERE.

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