17. syyskuuta 2015

Incoming cards (week 38) + Pippi from Sweden

I am posting incoming postcards today, because the finnish post is on strike tomorrow and I wont receive any mail, I think. Most of the cards are via postcard united this time. :)

MYS-2659 from Malaysia
Travel time: 27 days

MYS-2748 from Malaysia
Travel time: 20 days

RU-3994210 from Russia
Travel time: 13 days

BHS-407 from The Bahamas
Travel time: 13 days

POL-3802 from Poland
Travel time: 7 days

RUS-8026 from Russia
Travel time: 24 days

Instagram swap from @washiswap

+ Pippi card from Anna, I received it weeks ago but forgot to post
(Anna's blog is HERE, it is in Swedish)

You can find received cards of week 37 HERE

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