30. syyskuuta 2015

Stamps from Finland and Japan

Surprise stamps from Niina, my penpal
I made Slams for her and she wanted to thank me with these stamps. ^^ 

Favourite ones of Niina's stamps

Stamps from Japan, IG-swap
Earlier I collected only finnish stamps but recently I've started to love japanese stamps, they are so nice! Especially moomin ones and the rabbits. ^_^

25. syyskuuta 2015

Received postcards (week 39)

FRA-814 from France
Travel time: 6 days

ROU-401 from Romania
Travel time: 14 days

HKG-1173 from Hong Kong
Travel time: 11 days

IDN-1383 from Indonesia
Travel time: 22 days

Direct swap from Mexico

CN-1717122 from China
Travel time: 46 days

From my penpal Niina
Finally a card from Estonia!

From Anna in Sweden

You can find received cards of week 38 HERE

22. syyskuuta 2015


These are what I've been doing lately, Slams! I used to swap these many years but now I am on a slam swap break. My penpal Niina asked me to make some slam covers for her, she will write questions inside and then will send them to her swappers. I hope she likes these. ^^

I really enjoy doing crafts again, but I am not planning to start swapping slams regularly. You can read about slams on wikipedia HERE (in English) and HERE (in Finnish).

21. syyskuuta 2015

Outgoing letters :)

To Christine in Australia

To Ansku in Palokka, Finland

To Evelyn in Australia

To Serena in UK

To Taru in Oulu, Finland

+ extra picture, eating chocolate (sent by my penpal in Denmark) and drinking light coke while  writing this post. :D

17. syyskuuta 2015

Incoming cards (week 38) + Pippi from Sweden

I am posting incoming postcards today, because the finnish post is on strike tomorrow and I wont receive any mail, I think. Most of the cards are via postcard united this time. :)

MYS-2659 from Malaysia
Travel time: 27 days

MYS-2748 from Malaysia
Travel time: 20 days

RU-3994210 from Russia
Travel time: 13 days

BHS-407 from The Bahamas
Travel time: 13 days

POL-3802 from Poland
Travel time: 7 days

RUS-8026 from Russia
Travel time: 24 days

Instagram swap from @washiswap

+ Pippi card from Anna, I received it weeks ago but forgot to post
(Anna's blog is HERE, it is in Swedish)

You can find received cards of week 37 HERE

14. syyskuuta 2015

Shopping in Rovaniemi and Oulu

So cute stamps ^_^
These stamps are my favourites right now! 

"A few" cards :D
I don't like buying postcards from Kajaani! We don't have so many different cards here and they are so much more expensive than in Rovaniemi. That's the reason why I buy (too) many postcards when I visit my parents.

And the most expensive one - a car!
Our old car had a lot of problems so we decided to use the money for the new car. It would have cost the same amount if we fixed the old one. 

12. syyskuuta 2015

A stamp collage and other special swaps

From Evelyn in Australia
Lately I've started to like royal cards, especially these and the swedish. :) 

Postcard with a little surprise from Philippines
I haven't ever seen that someone has added quite a big surprise on the card. It was so exciting to open it, although I was worried what would happen to the card. Luckily it didn't get damaged! :)

Stamp collage from Serena in UK

My stamp collage for Serena

11. syyskuuta 2015

Incoming postcards (week 37)

I've received many cards via Postcard United during this week. Many more than usually. :)

Today I tried to request new addresses on Postcard United, but got a message: "currently no user available to send a postcard. So please try after some hours". :'D I think new users are needed there, so sign up now! ^^ I've received so many cards from my missing countries there. I have sent a postcard to Bahamas, Guernsey and Guyana on Postcard United these weeks.

HRV-84 from Croatia
Travel time: 24 days

BHS-369 from The Bahamas
Travel time: 16 days

USA-2872 from United States
Travel time: 14 days

BEL-256 from Belgium
Travel time: 5 days

CZE-3372 from Czech Republic
Travel time:26 days

DE-4506287 from Germany
Travel time: 6 days

RUS-8322 from Russia
Travel time: 17 days

You can find received cards of weeks 35 and 36 HERE.

6. syyskuuta 2015

Pictures from my trip in Rovaniemi

It was very pretty weather in Rovaniemi so I walked a lot and decided to take pictures for you. :) I am not very good at taking pictures, sorry!

I also did geocaching with my friend! We found two geocaches in Santa Claus Village and one in the centre of Rovaniemi. She posted about our geocaching trip in her blog HERE. She is very good at taking pictures. :)