7. elokuuta 2015

Incoming postcards at week 32

Hello! :)

It was my husband's first week at work after the summer holiday and I spend the days alone again. So sad, the summer holiday is always too short. ;) I've been doing exercises for school and I should be graduated in September! Our plan for this weekend is to do geocaching again. ^^

Anyway, here are the cards I received this week. ^^

Pippi card from Anna in Sweden

GBR-231 from UK
Travel time: 4 days

RU-3857744 from Russia
Travel time: 30 days

MYS-2393 from Malaysia
Travel time: 11 days. (Wow!)

You can find received cards of week 30 and 31 HERE.

2 kommenttia:

  1. Yay, so good to see the card from me has already reached you, hope you enjoy it^^ :) Will be writing back to you at the end of August :D

    1. Haha yeah it travelled only two days! I'm looking forward to it! ;) Have a nice day!