12. elokuuta 2015

A guide to postcard swaps on Instagram

I was asked to post about swapping postcards on Instagram. :) These are my personal opinions and experiences - feel free to leave a comment if you have more good tips or if you want me to correct something. :) There is more than one way to swap!

Add a postcard for swap on IG: 

-  Take a picture of the postcard and post it with hashtag(s) (#forswap #postcrossing #postcardswap #directswap to mention but a few). It would be good to write some kind of a wishlist too. Then it is easier for others to offer cards you really like.

How to find swaps:

- In my opinion the best hashtag for finding postcards that are available for swap, is: #forswap. There are a lot of cards with this hashtag!

- You can contact swappers by leaving a comment below the picture or sending a dm.

- People don't like comments like "may I?" although they are used quite often. So when you are asking for a swap - tell the swapper where she can find your available cards or if you dm them to her.

Address + other tips 

- You can give your address to a swapper by sending a DM. There are two options: 1) you can dm a random picture and then write below your address 2) or you can make a picture of your address with Textgram or an other application.

- If you want the card in an envelope (written? blank?) or stamped, let the swapper know about it. :) I think most swappers prefer to have their card written&stamped, but many swappers may want it blank in an envelope too.

- Before you bring the card to the mailbox, it is good to take a picture of the card (picture of the backside - including address + stamps). If someone doesn't receive your card - you can prove you really sent it. Some swappers might ask for the photo proof to be sure their cards will be sent.

- Do not publish anyone's address on IG pictures. :)

Additional things

- Swappers love to hear that you received their cards! Usually swappers on IG post a picture of the cards they received.

- Many swappers have different goals at postcard swaps. The most popular ones are to try to collect a postcard from all countries in the world or collect a map card from all states in usa.

- Moomins, northern lights, hello kitty and maps are very popular right now!

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