10. heinäkuuta 2015

These weeks in pictures

I haven't posted very much these weeks. It is my husband's summer vacation and we have had so much to do. Here are some pictures!

My husband's friend came from Rovaniemi to visit us! Unfortunately I have only this picture of that time. He stayed with us from friday to sunday. We went for walks, ate in restaurants and played many boardgames.

We had a little car paint project too! And at the same time we had my husband's mother's dog with us. He found a big hedgehog from the yard. So cute!

Everyone seems to have a colouring book for adults now! I had dreamed about one for a long time and finally decided to buy it! 

I have a new hobby - geocaching! I have many penpals who have told me about it and now I finally started it myself. I was so surprised to see there are so many caches even here in north! I have found 6 already! 5 from Kajaani and 1 from Iisalmi. There are still so many to find. :) So addictive!

2 kommenttia:

  1. Muakin kovasti kiinnostaisi tuo aikuisten värityskirja, pitänee kyllä jossain vaiheessa ostaa moinen! :)

    1. Nyt niitä onkin myynnissä melkein joka paikassa kun ovat niin suosittuja! Tosi mukavaa ajankulua kyllä. :)