24. heinäkuuta 2015

More shopping!

1. From Sotkamo
We went to Sotkamo a few days ago (just because we were bored!) and of course I found a few cards to buy. I didn't have a Sotkamo-card yet so I bought it for myself. I try to collect a card from all cities in Finland. I don't have a very big collection yet. 

Cloudberries are my favourite! I couldn't leave the shop without buying these cards. 

2. From Rovaniemi
I haven't visited Rovaniemi for a few months so I asked my dad to buy these Moomin cards for me.

3. From Oulu
I really had to buy more Moomin cards when I was in Oulu a few weeks ago, they were at a reduced price! :) 

4. From the post office
I've been trying to find those postcrossing stamps and I finally find more of them! They don't have them in the post office (which is close to us), because they aren't so popular. O_O 

5. From Ebay :D

2 kommenttia:

  1. Oi, paljon ihania teippejä! :)
    Lakat on ihan parhaita, harmi ettei täällä etelässä niitä saa kuin kovilla hinnoilla.

    1. En miekään lakkoja varmaan ite raaskisi ostaa. Onneksi on kuitenkin äiti pohjoisessa joka poimii niitä tänäkin vuonna! :)