26. heinäkuuta 2015

Outgoing tomorrow!

Here are some postcards sent via official Postcrossing and Postcard united. I received only a couple of cards this week so I will add them to the incoming post of the next week. :) Have a nice day!

To Taiwan

To Belarus

To Russia

To Czech Republic



To Germany

+ Stamps I used

24. heinäkuuta 2015

More shopping!

1. From Sotkamo
We went to Sotkamo a few days ago (just because we were bored!) and of course I found a few cards to buy. I didn't have a Sotkamo-card yet so I bought it for myself. I try to collect a card from all cities in Finland. I don't have a very big collection yet. 

Cloudberries are my favourite! I couldn't leave the shop without buying these cards. 

2. From Rovaniemi
I haven't visited Rovaniemi for a few months so I asked my dad to buy these Moomin cards for me.

3. From Oulu
I really had to buy more Moomin cards when I was in Oulu a few weeks ago, they were at a reduced price! :) 

4. From the post office
I've been trying to find those postcrossing stamps and I finally find more of them! They don't have them in the post office (which is close to us), because they aren't so popular. O_O 

5. From Ebay :D

22. heinäkuuta 2015

2 x Sanrio - postcard swaps from China!

IG swap from @vivian_swap in China:

IG swap from @candice_post in China:

19. heinäkuuta 2015

Outgoing lately

I haven't sent many cards via Postcrossing or Postcard United during these months, because I wanted to save some money for summer trips. I often use a lot of money to postcards to be honest... But here are some outgoing postcards of this weekend! :)

1. To Germany via Postcrossing

2. To Netherlands via Postcrossing

3. Direct Swap to China

4. Direct Swap to China (@raffaellalii)

5.To USA via Postcard United

6. To South Korea via Postcard United

17. heinäkuuta 2015

Incoming cards at week 29

1. CN-1626292 from China
Travel time: 74 days! 

2. ES-361649 from Spain
Travel time: 7 days

3. IG-swap from @wukong561 in China

4. DE-4352575 from Germany
Travel time: 7 days

5. IG-swap from Amalia in Greece
This card was travelling for over 3 months!

6. NL-3065259 from Netherlands
Travel time: 8 days

7. US-3473242 from USA
Travel time: 8 days

8. IG-swap from @brbrbr_swap in Russia

9. RU-3767823 from Russia
Travel time: 47 days 

10. heinäkuuta 2015

These weeks in pictures

I haven't posted very much these weeks. It is my husband's summer vacation and we have had so much to do. Here are some pictures!

My husband's friend came from Rovaniemi to visit us! Unfortunately I have only this picture of that time. He stayed with us from friday to sunday. We went for walks, ate in restaurants and played many boardgames.

We had a little car paint project too! And at the same time we had my husband's mother's dog with us. He found a big hedgehog from the yard. So cute!

Everyone seems to have a colouring book for adults now! I had dreamed about one for a long time and finally decided to buy it! 

I have a new hobby - geocaching! I have many penpals who have told me about it and now I finally started it myself. I was so surprised to see there are so many caches even here in north! I have found 6 already! 5 from Kajaani and 1 from Iisalmi. There are still so many to find. :) So addictive!

7. heinäkuuta 2015

Received postcards of these weeks :)

1. IG-swap from @lovelysophia914 in Korea

2. IG-swap from @piroko310 in Japan

3. IG-swap from @okean1013 in Japan

4. JP-687023 from Japan

5. IG-swap from @iheartmykky in USA

6. IG-swap from @swapwithhwei in Malaysia

7. USA-1970 from Usa