27. kesäkuuta 2015

Incoming at week 26!

We went to meet my husband's grandfather to Oulu on wednesday! I did some postcard shopping there, bought a new board game and ate in McDonald's. ^^ It is always the first thing in the closest cities -> McDonald's. :D 

1. Postcard from Paltamo
I would like to receive a postcard from everywhere in Finland so I sent this to myself when we were going to Oulu. :) 

2. From Van in Singapore

3. FR-541306 from France

4. FI-2426834 from Finland

5. A surprise posrcard from my mom again ^^

6. IG-swap from @aimeechenxl

I don't usually take many pictures of anything else than postcards, but here is one! I ate in a chinese restaurant here in Kajaani. :) I don't go to chinese buffets very often. 

(I can't eat with chopsticks yet XD maybe someday!)

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