7. kesäkuuta 2015

Food postcards

I've been sick for a few days this week so I haven't posted my incoming cards for a while. I received so many food cards so I decided to make a post of them. :) I added food cards to my wishlist a few weeks ago.

Today I got an address to Algeria on Postcard United. I already swapped with him (a direct swap) so that's a very funny coincidence haha. :)

LV-191220 from Latvia
The card is very big! over 25 cm x 10cm. :) Included also very pretty stamps. 

DE-4214766 from Germany

DE-4268058 from Germany
This card is from a Jewish restaurant. :)

NL-3023163 from The Netherlands

2 kommenttia:

  1. Aikamoinen yhteensattuma tuon algerialaisen kanssa ^_^

    1. No niinpä! :D Jännä nähdä mitä se sanoo, kun saa taas mun kortin.