27. kesäkuuta 2015

Incoming at week 26!

We went to meet my husband's grandfather to Oulu on wednesday! I did some postcard shopping there, bought a new board game and ate in McDonald's. ^^ It is always the first thing in the closest cities -> McDonald's. :D 

1. Postcard from Paltamo
I would like to receive a postcard from everywhere in Finland so I sent this to myself when we were going to Oulu. :) 

2. From Van in Singapore

3. FR-541306 from France

4. FI-2426834 from Finland

5. A surprise posrcard from my mom again ^^

6. IG-swap from @aimeechenxl

I don't usually take many pictures of anything else than postcards, but here is one! I ate in a chinese restaurant here in Kajaani. :) I don't go to chinese buffets very often. 

(I can't eat with chopsticks yet XD maybe someday!)

21. kesäkuuta 2015

Swaps of this week

Hello! ^^ I didn't do anything very special in Midsummer. On saturday morning I woke up at 7 am and started to wash the windows with my husband! Not very usual way of celebrating midsummer haha. It has been raining in Kajaani all the time. :/ Here are some cards I received this week anyway!

IG-swap from @maxxieinfinity in China

IG-swap from @e_evelyn11 in Australia

Surprise postcard from my mother

IG-swap from @vivian_swap in China

CHN-416 from China

IG-swap from @niconicolobin in China

15. kesäkuuta 2015

Letters I sent :)

I've been so lazy with letters in these months. Now I wrote replies to letters I received in the end of April. I try to be a better penpal from now on. :) I got my writing inspiration back!

Letter to @yuejardin in UK

Letter to Eveliina

Letter to Jonna-Maria 

14. kesäkuuta 2015

5 postcards of this week :)

IG-swap from @postcrossing_safi_fi in Russia


NL-3027469 from Netherlands

RUS-4832 from Russia

RO-103797 from Romania
First postcard from Romania! ^^ Now I have postcards from 20% of countries. :)

12. kesäkuuta 2015

Moomin swap from Japan

Here is my latest swap! My friend sent me a message on whatsapp a week ago telling me someone has japanese moomin postcards for swap on Instagram. I offered my shaped moomin cards right away and now I am a very happy owner of these cute cards. :) 

I've been planning to order japanese moomin stamps on ebay too, but now I got my first stamp on a card now . ^^ Little My stamp is so cute. :) I hope to receive more of them in the future! 

8. kesäkuuta 2015

Rest of the cards I received

DE-4265485 from Germany

IG swap from @postcrosser.cyan in Malaysia
A card of the largest flower in the world! Diameter can be 106cm and it can weigh 10kg! Wow!

IG swap from @swapwithhwei in Malaysia

IG swap from @wakka1222 in Japan

NL-3023165 from The Netherlands

AU-426379 from Australia
There is bilby! Australian version of a rabbit, the sender wrote. :)

FI-2410837 from southern Finland

7. kesäkuuta 2015

Food postcards

I've been sick for a few days this week so I haven't posted my incoming cards for a while. I received so many food cards so I decided to make a post of them. :) I added food cards to my wishlist a few weeks ago.

Today I got an address to Algeria on Postcard United. I already swapped with him (a direct swap) so that's a very funny coincidence haha. :)

LV-191220 from Latvia
The card is very big! over 25 cm x 10cm. :) Included also very pretty stamps. 

DE-4214766 from Germany

DE-4268058 from Germany
This card is from a Jewish restaurant. :)

NL-3023163 from The Netherlands