11. toukokuuta 2015

Shopping stamps :)

Hello ^^

Today I met my friend in the city, she was looking for a gift for her boyfriend and then we went to a cafe. I ordered a sandwich and they put some salad for me as a surprise. So delicious! :)

I ordered new stamps on wednesday last week and they arrived today. They are so cute! :) Those moomin stamps were published on Friday. I've done so much postcard shopping these weeks so it was turn to stamps now. ^^ I brought 10 postcards to the mailbox in the morning so these stamps came just in time. :) Which of them are your favourite? I love those winter stamps, on the left on top. :) 

Earlier I told I requested 4 addresses on Postcard United, but I couldn't help myself - I requested 3 more. XD I'm so addicted to exchanging postcards haha.

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