31. toukokuuta 2015

Recently sent postcards and a letter

Postcard by Inge Löök 
Someone wished Inge Löök postcards on official postcrossing sites so I chose this one. I think it's funny and good for a postcrosser. ;) It's very interesting that so many foreigners wishes Inge Löök's cards! 

I don't really like the Finnish text on the card but the cupcakes look so delicious! <3 I sent this to a woman in Luxembourg who likes baking very much. :) 

I sent this via Postcard United for a guy who liked nature cards. In my opinion this card is very beautiful. :) I bought these when I visited Rovaniemi last time in the beginning of the May. This card is a bit bigger than ordinary cards. 

Letter to my penpal in Australia :)
I didn't remember I still have those Bambi envelopes - so cute! <3  

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