8. toukokuuta 2015

Postcrossing stats

Hello :)

I noticed that some Instagram users have counted the postcards they have received. I started to count my cards too and results were shocking! :D I knew I had swapped a lot of Sanrio cards, but..... 107 is very much I think. :D And still I'm looking for more of them. 

Then I scanned all of my other postcards (from official postcrossing and ig-swaps) and found out I have 261 other postcards from 44 countries. :) It is not very much in comparison with other active postcrossers, but for me it's very much. Some of my friends have been horrified the amount of money I have spent already. Most of the hobbies aren't very cheap and this is my only hobby. 

My official postcrossing:

On Wednesday I ordered new stamps and postcard collection sheets from online shop of finnish post. I hope I will receive them soon. ^^ They didn't come today, but maybe on monday. :) My husband will work late today so I will have a lot of time to write letters today in the evening. I will try to remember to make a post of them later.

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  1. pakkasin tässä yks päivä kaikki kirjeet ja kortit mitä oon elämäni aikana säästänyt, niin niitä tuli ostoskassillisen verran :DD vanhimman kirjeet tais olla vuodelta 2006 :D