10. toukokuuta 2015

Postcard United

I found a very new postcard exchange website a few days ago, Postcard United. I've seen a few Instagram posts about it and I became very curious to try it!

After signing up, verifying my email and writing something about me and my wishes, I requested 4 addresses and wrote the cards right away. I will send the cards tomorrow and hope they will travel fast and safe to their destination. :) I will make a new post when my postcards have been registered and I've received my first cards. 

This all was very similar with postcrossing.com so it was easy to me. I'm so excited about this! Do you have any experience of Postcard United? Let me know! :) 

Outgoing postcards via Postcard United 11th May

1. To China

2. To Hong Kong

3. To Spain

4. To Indonesia

2 kommenttia:

  1. Apua, en ollut kuullutkaan tästä... ja heti näköjään rekisteröidyin. :D Kiitos siis vinkistä, kiva kokeilla jotain uuttakin postikorttirintamalla! :) Ja kiva blogi, jään seuraamaan!

    1. Kiva että sieki innostuit! Suomalaisia ei näytä olevan siellä kovin paljon vielä. :)