6. toukokuuta 2015

My trip to Rovaniemi and received postcards


I went to Rovaniemi on Saturday last week. :) My parents and a few friends live there so I go there quite often. To be honest, also cheaper postcards are one of the reasons haha. ;) They are about 50% cheaper than in the city where I live. 

On saturday I met my friend who I've known for about 10 I think. :) She picked me up from my parents' home and we went to eat to McDonald's! There is no McDonald's in my city anymore so it's the first place to visit in Rovaniemi. XD I ordered McFeast meal and two garlic dips. I don't know why the dips aren't in the photo haha.

On Sunday I went to shopping with my mom. It's our tradition to go shopping on sunday when I come. :D I tried to look for new jeans but I didn't find any that I liked. I bought only two sport tops. On tuesday I came back home by train and it took 5 hours! It was a very nice trip. ^^ 

1. IG swap from @seablue_1207 in China

2. IG-swap from @postcrossermonica in Australia

3. IG-swap from @tianyuyuqi in China

4. IG-swap from @scarlett_k223 in China

5. LV-187799
 A mapcard of the oldtown of Riga. This was my first card from Latvia. :) 

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  1. voi ei, ne dipit jäi just kuvasta pois xD mut oli kyl hyvää :D

    1. Haha nonii XD en tiiä mihin ne tuossa välissä pyörähti. :D