29. toukokuuta 2015

Incoming postcards of this month

Here are some nice postcards I haven't added here before. :) And also map of the countries I already have postcards from.

It has been so warm and nice weather these days here! The sun has been shining on many days and about +18C warm. I'm so happy about it. What is the weather like there and where are you from? :)

I have postcards from the orange countries

Direct swap from Algeria
This is my first postcard from Algeria! I asked one guy (on official postcrossing sites) to swap a postcard with me and he accepted.:) The card arrived quite fast here!

IG-swap from @postcrossing_safi_fi in Russia

IG swap from @maxxieinfinity in China

IG swap from @ping0503 in Taiwan

RU-3679769 from Russia

AT-224302 from Austria

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