31. toukokuuta 2015

Recently sent postcards and a letter

Postcard by Inge Löök 
Someone wished Inge Löök postcards on official postcrossing sites so I chose this one. I think it's funny and good for a postcrosser. ;) It's very interesting that so many foreigners wishes Inge Löök's cards! 

I don't really like the Finnish text on the card but the cupcakes look so delicious! <3 I sent this to a woman in Luxembourg who likes baking very much. :) 

I sent this via Postcard United for a guy who liked nature cards. In my opinion this card is very beautiful. :) I bought these when I visited Rovaniemi last time in the beginning of the May. This card is a bit bigger than ordinary cards. 

Letter to my penpal in Australia :)
I didn't remember I still have those Bambi envelopes - so cute! <3  

29. toukokuuta 2015

Incoming postcards of this month

Here are some nice postcards I haven't added here before. :) And also map of the countries I already have postcards from.

It has been so warm and nice weather these days here! The sun has been shining on many days and about +18C warm. I'm so happy about it. What is the weather like there and where are you from? :)

I have postcards from the orange countries

Direct swap from Algeria
This is my first postcard from Algeria! I asked one guy (on official postcrossing sites) to swap a postcard with me and he accepted.:) The card arrived quite fast here!

IG-swap from @postcrossing_safi_fi in Russia

IG swap from @maxxieinfinity in China

IG swap from @ping0503 in Taiwan

RU-3679769 from Russia

AT-224302 from Austria

26. toukokuuta 2015

First received card via Postcard United + other incoming

I received my first postcard via Postcard United yesterday! I didn't expect one so soon. :) I was also thinking I would get my first one from Germany or other country that has many members in postcrossing. This is also my first card from Tunisia, I'm so happy! :)

TUN-421 from Tunisia
Travel time only 11 days! 

CA-532137 from Canada

Surprise postcard from Kanami in Japan :)

TW-1606518 from Taiwan

25. toukokuuta 2015

Last week

Here are some photos from last week. ^^ They aren't very special, I spent a lot of time at home because of migraine in three days! :s  The medicine kept migraine away for a few hours only and it made me very tired, I hope this day will be better. :) 

I also can't really edit photos yet, I am planning to learn! :) I also will get a new phone this week and it's camera is so much better. :)

Outgoing postcards :)

19. toukokuuta 2015

Super cute animal postcards

Hello :)

Here are some incoming postcards from these days, sooo cute. :) I added animal cards and nature cards a week ago to my wishlist on postcrossing and I started to receive so nice cards!

Also my first sent postcard via Postcard United was registered today! I have to admit I was a bit worried to send a postcard for a person who had not sent any postcards, only registered one. It's so interesting how some people start receiving cards before sending any... O_O I'm looking forward to the first received card. ^^

1. IG-swap from @dreamer_grace in China

2. DE-4214702 from Germany

3. DE-4217180 from Germany

4. CN-1624267 from China

+ outgoing postcards of this week

17. toukokuuta 2015

Outgoing mail

I bought new stamps in the beginning of the week and almost all of them are already gone. :D I sent 7 postcards via Postcard United, a few instagram swaps and a bigger envelope to my penpal in Denmark. :) Finlayson envelope is so beautiful! ^^

I was drinking tea when writing this post. Lipton's Lemon Macaroon green tea is my second favourite. :) I used to hate tea when i was younger, but later I "learned" to like it. Which is your favourite tea? I would like to find new delicious flavors. ^^ 

16. toukokuuta 2015

On Facebook!

Miia's Postcard blog is now on Facebook! :) When I started having a blog of my own, I didn't think Facebook-pages are very important yet. My friends told me it would be easier for them to follow my blog on Facebook, because they don't use blogger or bloglovin'. I'm planning to make a little giveaway there when I have more followers. :)


This blog will also get a new look in a few days! My good friend has designed a new banner, I hope you will like it!

14. toukokuuta 2015

Moomin candies and incoming postcards


One day when I was in the city, I bought some moomin stuff for my penpals and swappers. Chocolate coins (I already ate a few - so delicious!) and candies. I also bought some moomin chewing gums, but forgot to take a picture. :D

Here are some incoming postcards from this week and the last week. :) I am planning to focus on postcrossing and postcard united now and swap less on instagram for a while. 

1. IG-swap from @heyoungzhou in China

2. IG-swap from @emica_sunflower_swap in Bosnia & Herzegovina

3. JP-674713 from Japan

4. Surprise card from my penpal Dóra in Hungary

13. toukokuuta 2015

Incoming lovely postcards from Norway

It has been raining the whole morning - so depressing! I will have to spend two more hours alone at home and then my husband will come back home. Then I am planning to bring a few cards to the mailbox and maybe we visit my husband's grandparents. :)

Here are some recently received postcards :) I've started to collect deer and other nature and animal cards during these months. First I always wanted city views and buildings, but after receiving a lot of them, I found nature cards more interesting. :) I've considered making photo albums for received cards too. I'm not sure if I am going to make them.

IG-swap from Inger in Norway

11. toukokuuta 2015

Shopping stamps :)

Hello ^^

Today I met my friend in the city, she was looking for a gift for her boyfriend and then we went to a cafe. I ordered a sandwich and they put some salad for me as a surprise. So delicious! :)

I ordered new stamps on wednesday last week and they arrived today. They are so cute! :) Those moomin stamps were published on Friday. I've done so much postcard shopping these weeks so it was turn to stamps now. ^^ I brought 10 postcards to the mailbox in the morning so these stamps came just in time. :) Which of them are your favourite? I love those winter stamps, on the left on top. :) 

Earlier I told I requested 4 addresses on Postcard United, but I couldn't help myself - I requested 3 more. XD I'm so addicted to exchanging postcards haha.

10. toukokuuta 2015

Postcard United

I found a very new postcard exchange website a few days ago, Postcard United. I've seen a few Instagram posts about it and I became very curious to try it!

After signing up, verifying my email and writing something about me and my wishes, I requested 4 addresses and wrote the cards right away. I will send the cards tomorrow and hope they will travel fast and safe to their destination. :) I will make a new post when my postcards have been registered and I've received my first cards. 

This all was very similar with postcrossing.com so it was easy to me. I'm so excited about this! Do you have any experience of Postcard United? Let me know! :) 

Outgoing postcards via Postcard United 11th May

1. To China

2. To Hong Kong

3. To Spain

4. To Indonesia

8. toukokuuta 2015

Postcrossing stats

Hello :)

I noticed that some Instagram users have counted the postcards they have received. I started to count my cards too and results were shocking! :D I knew I had swapped a lot of Sanrio cards, but..... 107 is very much I think. :D And still I'm looking for more of them. 

Then I scanned all of my other postcards (from official postcrossing and ig-swaps) and found out I have 261 other postcards from 44 countries. :) It is not very much in comparison with other active postcrossers, but for me it's very much. Some of my friends have been horrified the amount of money I have spent already. Most of the hobbies aren't very cheap and this is my only hobby. 

My official postcrossing:

On Wednesday I ordered new stamps and postcard collection sheets from online shop of finnish post. I hope I will receive them soon. ^^ They didn't come today, but maybe on monday. :) My husband will work late today so I will have a lot of time to write letters today in the evening. I will try to remember to make a post of them later.

6. toukokuuta 2015

My trip to Rovaniemi and received postcards


I went to Rovaniemi on Saturday last week. :) My parents and a few friends live there so I go there quite often. To be honest, also cheaper postcards are one of the reasons haha. ;) They are about 50% cheaper than in the city where I live. 

On saturday I met my friend who I've known for about 10 I think. :) She picked me up from my parents' home and we went to eat to McDonald's! There is no McDonald's in my city anymore so it's the first place to visit in Rovaniemi. XD I ordered McFeast meal and two garlic dips. I don't know why the dips aren't in the photo haha.

On Sunday I went to shopping with my mom. It's our tradition to go shopping on sunday when I come. :D I tried to look for new jeans but I didn't find any that I liked. I bought only two sport tops. On tuesday I came back home by train and it took 5 hours! It was a very nice trip. ^^ 

1. IG swap from @seablue_1207 in China

2. IG-swap from @postcrossermonica in Australia

3. IG-swap from @tianyuyuqi in China

4. IG-swap from @scarlett_k223 in China

5. LV-187799
 A mapcard of the oldtown of Riga. This was my first card from Latvia. :)