22. huhtikuuta 2015

Wednesday mail


This has been a busy week! On monday I met my friend: we went to shopping and to a cafe. I've always loved sitting in cafes. When I still lived in Rovaniemi, I often used to go to have a breakfast in the city before I went to school or work. :) I could sit many hours in a cafe with a good friend!

I posted a few photos yesterday, but later I noticed I had forgotten to take a photo of incoming hello kitty cards. I was so excited about them and put them already into the postcard album. :'D I only took this photo of them:

7 hello kitty cards were sent by @vivian_swap from China. :) 

I received two cards today! ^^

1. IG swap from @postcrossingjunkie in Singapore

2. IG swap from @elena_pcswap in Macedonia
I was so happy to receive my first card from Macedonia. :) I like map cards very much! This card was travelling almost for three months... 

2 kommenttia:

  1. Beautiful cards! I like the pokémon the most I believe...

    1. Thank you! Yeah I like those pokémon cards very much too. :) So cute!