14. huhtikuuta 2015

Sanrio swap and a card from Indonesia

Hey! ^^

Today I went for a walk with my friend at 9 am. :) It was a perfect start for this day, it made me so energetic! I try to start going for walks every morning. I already bought new pants, it's not very nice to walk or jog much with jeans. :D Later today I've been studying many hours at home. 

Yesterday I received a postcard from Indonesia and two envelopes: one from China and one from Hong Kong.

1. Swap from @Candice_post
6 Sanrio postcards (those are in the photo), rilakkuma notebook and little cute stickers. :) 

2. Letter and little gifts from Christie in Hong Kong

3. ID-134382 From Indonesia

I haven't started any new instagram swaps these days, but there are 4 outgoings today. I didn't send them on Friday yet. Moomin shaped cards will go to @hannah_yst, aurora card to Greece and mapcard to China. 

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