11. huhtikuuta 2015

Postcard shopping :)

Hello ^^

I didn't receive any postcards yesterday! That's very unusual, I usually get at least one postcard or a letter. My postcard to Helsinki, Finland was registered in a day ( FI-2370751 ) so I got a new address on postcrossing websites. Next postcard goes to Central African Republic, wow! I hadn't heard about this country before. That's why I love postcrossing, you'll learn everything new all the time. I hope my card travels safely there.

When my husband came from work at 2 pm, we went to the city to do some postcard shopping. :) I bought moomin cards that I haven't seen earlier and a few mapcards. I had already two of those mapcards, but they were so popular on IG so I went to buy 5 more. In my opinion they are very pretty!

I have only one kind of aurora cards at the moment, I will have to buy them more when I go to Rovaniemi and Santa Claus village again. My parents live in Rovaniemi so I visit there once in two or three months. Postcards are so much prettier and also cheaper there. I usually spent so much money for postcards there haha. :)

I will add more postcards to "for swap" sites today. ;)

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