30. huhtikuuta 2015

My life in these weeks


I haven't posted here to my blog very much these days, because I haven't received many postcards... I received a lot of letters from my penpals! ^^ Because I haven't posted a lot of postcards, I decided to post a few other photos.

I am usually very lazy in the mornings when I am alone at home. On monday i had so much energy and I had nothing else to do so I made tuna pasta! It's one of my husband's favourite foods so he was very happy when he came from work. :) I also baked cupcakes, but unfortunately forgot to take a photo of them before eating. XD Sorry!

We also baked yesterday! I don't know the name of these in English :D. I hadn't ever tried to make them myself, but my husband's grandmom taught us! My mom hates to bake them so she didn't teach me... If I knew how easy it is to bake them, I would have definitely made them earlier. It's a tradition in Finland to eat them in 1st May. :) 

It was a huge shock to me when I woke up this morning and this was the view on our window: 

It usually doesn't snow in the end of the April. :D We didn't have snow really in our area anymore... 

I will travel to Rovaniemi to my parents on next saturday! :) I will buy new nothern lights cards and moomin cards there for sure. I try to add them HERE as soon as possible at next week then. ;)

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