9. huhtikuuta 2015

Incoming :)

Hello ^^ 

I've received so many postcards these days! :o It has made me so happy. :) I don't do snailmailing as much as earlier so I don't receive letters so much anymore. Now I usually receive at least 1 postcard everyday! ^^ I really love postcards!! :) 

1. IG swap from @dyregladpige
Two postcards from Denmark. :) I would love to see the castle and it's garden someday. They look so great! I have been only to Sweden. XD I haven't travelled a lot.

2. IG swap from @cherryellowww 
This postcard came from China. It was travelling a long time and finally arrived. :)

3. IG swap from @tontul
Hello Kitty card from Thailand. It arrived faster than I had expected. :) I collect Hello Kitty cards and I have a box of them. 

4. FI-2366213
Postcard from a Finnish postcrosser. The card is about Jerusalem temple area, but sent from Kotka, Finland. This is my first Jerusalem postcard. :) 

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