10. huhtikuuta 2015

IG swaps

Hello again ^^

Yesterday the mail arrived so late that I was afraid I was not going to receive any postcards. :D In the afternoon I went to the centre of Kajaani to eat in Subway restaurant (I love their food so much!!!) and buy some marker pens and moomin postcards. I also tried to find Bambi postcards for my friend, but I didn't find any yet. :/ When I came back home, there were many cards waiting for me again. ^^ Two cards from official postcrossing and 4 postcards from instagram swappers.

1. Ig swap from @nadyaharmony_post
I Finally got one of these. :) I've heard these cards are very expensive! I swapped this with a bit bigger moomin postcard. I hope she will receive my card soon too. I think I already sent it two weeks ago. 

2. Ig swap from @candice_post
Sanrio cards from China. I've swapped postcards quite regularly with her in these months. We have been exchanging little gifts with the cards too. This time I got Sanrio-magnet and I sent a few Moomin teabags. This envelope was returned to sender once, luckily it arrived to me this time. :)

3. RU-3592573 from Russia
Postcard from Irina in Russia. There we so nice and very big stamps. Travel time was only 10 days!

4. MY-255939
Ad postcard from Malaysia, with beautiful stamps again. :) 

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