1. huhtikuuta 2015

Happy Mailbox

Today I received so many postcards and also a birthday gift from my mom!

My mom lives 330 km to north from Kajaani so she had to send her gift in a parcel to me. :) I was worried if the parcel comes to me in time. ^^ Post offices will be closed so many days during the Easter so I would have received the parcel so many days too late. My birthday is tomorrow, but I'm not planning to do anything very special. My husband is sick now so I think we will just relax at home and eat well. ^^

The parcel included for example two sticker sheets, 6 Moomin stamps, 6 Angry Birds stamps and 7 quite ordinary stamps. I usually send so many postcards so stamps are always needed. ^^ My mom has really thought about me when she was buying these. :)

Also these postcards came today! The pink birthday card and the easter card are from my mom. The map of california is received via official postcrossing. It's my first map card from USA and I am very happy to get it. :) I would love to get a postcard from all of the states!

LINE cards are also so cute. My penpal asked me to download LINE and I'm totally addicted haha. :) It's an application like whatsapp or skype, very popular in Asia. The LINE card is from Singapore. Two other cards are from India and Russia. :)

Today I sent my first card to Chile! It's a direct swap via Instagram and I'm really looking forward to receive one soon from there too. 

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