8. huhtikuuta 2015

After the holidays

Hello ^^

My husband was sick for a few days before Easter and I was sick at Easter. :/ We both had our birthdays during this time so we couldn't really celebrate. :/ We could do nothing I had planned but watching movies at home wasn't bad at all anyway.:) 

Our post offices were closed for 4 days because of Easter so I received many postcards yesterday! ^^ 

1. IG-swap from @voo_postcards. :

2. FR-505624 from France
There are so cute stickers in the other side of the card. She says there is +13C now in France. I really wish we also had that warm here already! :) It's +2C here at the moment.

3. RU-3570186 From Russia
This card has been travelling only 16 days! That's so quick for a card from Russia. :) The cupcake looks so delicious and I got sooo hungry. XD  

4. BY-1584304
This card came from a married couple in Belarus. :) It's nice to see that postcrossing is a hobby for couples too. I should ask my husband too if he wanted to exchange some cards too! 

5. GB-645124
Dog postcard from UK. :) Travelled only 3 days!

6. Birthday card 
It was made by my Friend Taru in Oulu. :) She always makes so beautiful cards! 

This is all for now. :) Now I am planning to eat something and maybe clean our home. I wish this nose running would already end... I hope you had very nice Easter there! :)

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