30. huhtikuuta 2015

My life in these weeks


I haven't posted here to my blog very much these days, because I haven't received many postcards... I received a lot of letters from my penpals! ^^ Because I haven't posted a lot of postcards, I decided to post a few other photos.

I am usually very lazy in the mornings when I am alone at home. On monday i had so much energy and I had nothing else to do so I made tuna pasta! It's one of my husband's favourite foods so he was very happy when he came from work. :) I also baked cupcakes, but unfortunately forgot to take a photo of them before eating. XD Sorry!

We also baked yesterday! I don't know the name of these in English :D. I hadn't ever tried to make them myself, but my husband's grandmom taught us! My mom hates to bake them so she didn't teach me... If I knew how easy it is to bake them, I would have definitely made them earlier. It's a tradition in Finland to eat them in 1st May. :) 

It was a huge shock to me when I woke up this morning and this was the view on our window: 

It usually doesn't snow in the end of the April. :D We didn't have snow really in our area anymore... 

I will travel to Rovaniemi to my parents on next saturday! :) I will buy new nothern lights cards and moomin cards there for sure. I try to add them HERE as soon as possible at next week then. ;)

Incoming IG swaps

1. IG swap from Hannah in Hong Kong

2. IG swap from @Choralista in Indonesia

3. IG swap from @millyyzm in China

4. IG swap from @letterstocarine in Singapore

5. IG swap from @nzpenpal in New Zealand

6. IG swap from @13wstwndrlnd in Germany

7. IG swap from @janetblythe in Singapore

22. huhtikuuta 2015

Wednesday mail


This has been a busy week! On monday I met my friend: we went to shopping and to a cafe. I've always loved sitting in cafes. When I still lived in Rovaniemi, I often used to go to have a breakfast in the city before I went to school or work. :) I could sit many hours in a cafe with a good friend!

I posted a few photos yesterday, but later I noticed I had forgotten to take a photo of incoming hello kitty cards. I was so excited about them and put them already into the postcard album. :'D I only took this photo of them:

7 hello kitty cards were sent by @vivian_swap from China. :) 

I received two cards today! ^^

1. IG swap from @postcrossingjunkie in Singapore

2. IG swap from @elena_pcswap in Macedonia
I was so happy to receive my first card from Macedonia. :) I like map cards very much! This card was travelling almost for three months... 

21. huhtikuuta 2015

Incomings last week and yesterday

1. IG swap from @pengkimi in Australia

2. IG swap from Greece

3. IG swap from @hanfeng233 in China

14. huhtikuuta 2015

Sanrio swap and a card from Indonesia

Hey! ^^

Today I went for a walk with my friend at 9 am. :) It was a perfect start for this day, it made me so energetic! I try to start going for walks every morning. I already bought new pants, it's not very nice to walk or jog much with jeans. :D Later today I've been studying many hours at home. 

Yesterday I received a postcard from Indonesia and two envelopes: one from China and one from Hong Kong.

1. Swap from @Candice_post
6 Sanrio postcards (those are in the photo), rilakkuma notebook and little cute stickers. :) 

2. Letter and little gifts from Christie in Hong Kong

3. ID-134382 From Indonesia

I haven't started any new instagram swaps these days, but there are 4 outgoings today. I didn't send them on Friday yet. Moomin shaped cards will go to @hannah_yst, aurora card to Greece and mapcard to China. 

11. huhtikuuta 2015

Postcard shopping :)

Hello ^^

I didn't receive any postcards yesterday! That's very unusual, I usually get at least one postcard or a letter. My postcard to Helsinki, Finland was registered in a day ( FI-2370751 ) so I got a new address on postcrossing websites. Next postcard goes to Central African Republic, wow! I hadn't heard about this country before. That's why I love postcrossing, you'll learn everything new all the time. I hope my card travels safely there.

When my husband came from work at 2 pm, we went to the city to do some postcard shopping. :) I bought moomin cards that I haven't seen earlier and a few mapcards. I had already two of those mapcards, but they were so popular on IG so I went to buy 5 more. In my opinion they are very pretty!

I have only one kind of aurora cards at the moment, I will have to buy them more when I go to Rovaniemi and Santa Claus village again. My parents live in Rovaniemi so I visit there once in two or three months. Postcards are so much prettier and also cheaper there. I usually spent so much money for postcards there haha. :)

I will add more postcards to "for swap" sites today. ;)

10. huhtikuuta 2015

IG swaps

Hello again ^^

Yesterday the mail arrived so late that I was afraid I was not going to receive any postcards. :D In the afternoon I went to the centre of Kajaani to eat in Subway restaurant (I love their food so much!!!) and buy some marker pens and moomin postcards. I also tried to find Bambi postcards for my friend, but I didn't find any yet. :/ When I came back home, there were many cards waiting for me again. ^^ Two cards from official postcrossing and 4 postcards from instagram swappers.

1. Ig swap from @nadyaharmony_post
I Finally got one of these. :) I've heard these cards are very expensive! I swapped this with a bit bigger moomin postcard. I hope she will receive my card soon too. I think I already sent it two weeks ago. 

2. Ig swap from @candice_post
Sanrio cards from China. I've swapped postcards quite regularly with her in these months. We have been exchanging little gifts with the cards too. This time I got Sanrio-magnet and I sent a few Moomin teabags. This envelope was returned to sender once, luckily it arrived to me this time. :)

3. RU-3592573 from Russia
Postcard from Irina in Russia. There we so nice and very big stamps. Travel time was only 10 days!

4. MY-255939
Ad postcard from Malaysia, with beautiful stamps again. :) 

9. huhtikuuta 2015

Incoming :)

Hello ^^ 

I've received so many postcards these days! :o It has made me so happy. :) I don't do snailmailing as much as earlier so I don't receive letters so much anymore. Now I usually receive at least 1 postcard everyday! ^^ I really love postcards!! :) 

1. IG swap from @dyregladpige
Two postcards from Denmark. :) I would love to see the castle and it's garden someday. They look so great! I have been only to Sweden. XD I haven't travelled a lot.

2. IG swap from @cherryellowww 
This postcard came from China. It was travelling a long time and finally arrived. :)

3. IG swap from @tontul
Hello Kitty card from Thailand. It arrived faster than I had expected. :) I collect Hello Kitty cards and I have a box of them. 

4. FI-2366213
Postcard from a Finnish postcrosser. The card is about Jerusalem temple area, but sent from Kotka, Finland. This is my first Jerusalem postcard. :) 

8. huhtikuuta 2015

After the holidays

Hello ^^

My husband was sick for a few days before Easter and I was sick at Easter. :/ We both had our birthdays during this time so we couldn't really celebrate. :/ We could do nothing I had planned but watching movies at home wasn't bad at all anyway.:) 

Our post offices were closed for 4 days because of Easter so I received many postcards yesterday! ^^ 

1. IG-swap from @voo_postcards. :

2. FR-505624 from France
There are so cute stickers in the other side of the card. She says there is +13C now in France. I really wish we also had that warm here already! :) It's +2C here at the moment.

3. RU-3570186 From Russia
This card has been travelling only 16 days! That's so quick for a card from Russia. :) The cupcake looks so delicious and I got sooo hungry. XD  

4. BY-1584304
This card came from a married couple in Belarus. :) It's nice to see that postcrossing is a hobby for couples too. I should ask my husband too if he wanted to exchange some cards too! 

5. GB-645124
Dog postcard from UK. :) Travelled only 3 days!

6. Birthday card 
It was made by my Friend Taru in Oulu. :) She always makes so beautiful cards! 

This is all for now. :) Now I am planning to eat something and maybe clean our home. I wish this nose running would already end... I hope you had very nice Easter there! :)

2. huhtikuuta 2015


I used beenapp to make a map of the countries where I have received a postcard. :) My plan is to get a postcard from all countries, but I'm sure it won't happen very soon. XD I would be very happy about even the whole europe and a few countries in south america. ^^

Do you have a map of your missing countries? It would be so fun to see maps of other postcrossers!

1. huhtikuuta 2015

Happy Mailbox

Today I received so many postcards and also a birthday gift from my mom!

My mom lives 330 km to north from Kajaani so she had to send her gift in a parcel to me. :) I was worried if the parcel comes to me in time. ^^ Post offices will be closed so many days during the Easter so I would have received the parcel so many days too late. My birthday is tomorrow, but I'm not planning to do anything very special. My husband is sick now so I think we will just relax at home and eat well. ^^

The parcel included for example two sticker sheets, 6 Moomin stamps, 6 Angry Birds stamps and 7 quite ordinary stamps. I usually send so many postcards so stamps are always needed. ^^ My mom has really thought about me when she was buying these. :)

Also these postcards came today! The pink birthday card and the easter card are from my mom. The map of california is received via official postcrossing. It's my first map card from USA and I am very happy to get it. :) I would love to get a postcard from all of the states!

LINE cards are also so cute. My penpal asked me to download LINE and I'm totally addicted haha. :) It's an application like whatsapp or skype, very popular in Asia. The LINE card is from Singapore. Two other cards are from India and Russia. :)

Today I sent my first card to Chile! It's a direct swap via Instagram and I'm really looking forward to receive one soon from there too.